Can I Bring My Own Number to Hello Mobile?

Yes, you can bring your existing number to Hello Mobile’s network!

For the fastest number transfer possible, please have the following information available:

  • Your existing Phone number
  • The account number from your existing provider
  • The account password from your existing provider
  • Billing name and address on your existing provider’s account

Eligibility Guidelines:

  • Keep your number active on your current network. Do NOT contact your current provider to deactivate your account before or during the number transfer or your number will NOT be eligible.
  • Do NOT have a current port initiated with your current provider. If you do, you will have to call them to cancel it.

Your number will get deactivated as soon as your number is approved to transfer to Hello Mobile.

Once you follow these instructions and have the proper information on hand, visit our Bring Your Own Number page to get your number transferred!