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Can I roam?

Yes, your Hello Mobile phone will display a “Roam” or “RM” indicator on your screen when you’re in a roaming area. While roaming, you can continue to make phone calls at no additional charge, using your monthly minutes. Availability and quality of coverage while roaming

Can I make international calls?

Every plan includes international calling AND texting. All international minutes featured in your chosen plan may be used to call our select countries at NO additional charge. If you would like to call countries NOT included in this list, you may purchase additional International minutes at the lowest rates

How do I add additional service?

Out of service? We’ve got you covered. Visit our Refills page to snag some extra Data and minutes to get you through those hectic months. If you frequently find yourself purchasing Refills, consider upgrading to a plan with enough Data to suit your needs.

Can I call 911 while my number is being transferred?

It is incredibly important to Hello Mobile that our customers can contact 911 whenever they need. Therefore, you may make calls to 911 even during the number transfer process. HOWEVER, the public safety dispatch center might not be able to call you back after you

Can I Bring My Own Number to Hello Mobile?

Yes, you can! Hello Mobile makes transferring your number to our 4G LTE/5G network quick & easy! You can bring your own number at any time, but for the smoothest transfer possible, we recommend waiting until your phone is ready to be activated. Here are

Why do I have a weak signal on my phone?

We’re sorry to hear you are experiencing weak signal strength. Many different factors can affect this: You may be outside our network’s coverage area You may be roaming Your current location may have weaker than average signal strength Weather, terrain, foliage, traffic volume, service outages,