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How do I set up my voicemail?

To set up your voicemail you’ll need to complete the following steps: Turn on your Hello Mobile phone Press and hold 1 on the keypad Listen for the instructions to set up your voicemail Please note: When you reset your voicemail, you will lose any saved messages,

When does my service begin each month?

Your service begins once you activate any line on your plan, which will then be the start date for your billing cycle. If you’re unsure of when your billing cycle begins, log in to your account here.

What happens if I run out of service?

If you’ve run out of Data or minutes, you can always purchase more at any time! Upgrade your plan and only pay the difference, or buy our refill option to hold you over until your next billing cycle – it’s completely up to you! You can also enroll

Where can I check the coverage in my area?

Hello Mobile coverage is always expanding, especially so with our newly expanded 4G LTE/5G network. Visit our Cover Map to see if Hello Mobile is available in your area. If you aren’t covered yet be sure to check back frequently, as service is likely to

Will unused service carry over to the next month?

Unused service from your monthly plan will not carry over into your next month. If you bought a refill and haven’t used it all, that service will last up to 30 days after purchase. Check the specific refill for more info. Visit our Refills page to purchase

How does Auto-Refill work?

Auto-Refill lets you pay your monthly service effortlessly. You are automatically enrolled when you join Hello Mobile but you may turn this feature on and off at your convenience. Let Auto-Refill replenish your Data and minutes every month so all you’ll have to worry about

Will I need a new SIM card for my phone?

When you Bring Your Own Phone to Hello Mobile you’re automatically eligible for a FREE SIM Card with FREE Shipping! Just choose Bring Your Own Phone option during Sign Up, and we’ll take care of it. The good news is your phone may not even need a SIM

How do I install a Hello Mobile SIM card?

If your phone’s SIM card is not compatible with our network, or if you do not have a SIM card kit, we are happy to send you one for FREE. The SIM Card Kit you will receive should include your Hello Mobile SIM Card, 3 SIM

What phones may be compatible with Bring Your Own Phone?

Many different factors determine whether a phone is compatible with the Hello Mobile Network, but the quickest way to find out is by checking your phone’s IMEI/MEID Number. Head to our Bring Your Own Phone page to check your phone’s compatibility by entering your IMEI/MEID