Configure your data with these Access Point Name (APN) Settings

Can’t connect your phone to our data network? Follow the instructions below to configure your APN settings and connect to the Hello Mobile Network. Data Settings for Android Devices Go to Settings and locate Wi-Fi & Mobile Data & make

How do Multi-line Plans work?

On a multi-line plan, you will receive a single bill at the beginning of the billing cycle that will be paid using the primary credit card attached to the account. All of your lines will share the same “base plan.”

How does Hello Mobile handle high-speed data?

Some Hello Mobile plans have an allotted amount of high-speed Data to use within your billing cycle, while an UNLIMITED plan means you’ll never run out! When it comes to Data speeds, that depends on your phone’s capacity and the coverage

Can I roam?

Yes, your Hello Mobile phone will display a “Roam” or “RM” indicator on your screen when you’re in a roaming area. While roaming, you can continue to make phone calls at no additional charge, using your monthly minutes. Availability and

Can I make international calls?

ALL Hello Mobile plans include international calling to 60+ Countries. All international minutes featured in your chosen plan may be used to call our select countries at NO additional charge. If you would like to call countries NOT included in this

How do I add additional service?

Out of service? We’ve got you covered. Visit our Refills page to snag some extra Data and minutes to get you through those hectic months. If you frequently find yourself purchasing Refills, consider upgrading to a plan with enough Data to suit

When does my service begin each month?

Your service begins once you activate any line on your plan, which will then be the start date for your billing cycle. If you’re unsure of when your billing cycle begins, log in to your account here.

What happens if I run out of service?

If you’ve run out of Data or minutes, you can always purchase more at any time! Upgrade your plan and only pay the difference, or buy our refill option to hold you over until your next billing cycle – it’s completely up