Help – I can’t find my Settings

Can’t find your Settings app on your phone? No worries, we have you covered! Android Devices Your Settings app is usually associated with this icon and will be titled ‘Settings’. Here are three different ways to find your Settings app:

Having issues with your iPhone?

Get your calls, MMS messages, and Visual Voicemail working flawlessly. Here’s how! You may just have to update your iOS and carrier settings. This will improve your connection to our network and your phone’s performance. Let’s start by updating your

My phone keeps turning ON and OFF. How can I fix this?

If your phone is turning on and off, you may need to reboot it How to reboot an  Android phone: Hold the power button on your phone to turn it off. Once off, hold down the power and the volume

How do I find my phone’s IMEI/MEID Number?

Finding your phone’s unique IMEI/MEID Number is easy! Just dial *#06# on your keypad, and the IMEI/MEID Number should appear. You can also follow the instructions below to find it manually. Find my iPhones IMEI/MEID/ESN number  There are 3 different

What is an IMEI/MEID Number?

An IMEI Number is a 15-digit unique identifier for all GSM phones. An MEID is the 14-digit unique identifier for phones running on a CDMA. Both can be used for tracking purposes in the event your phone is either lost

What do I do if I have a SIM card error message?

If your phone displays a SIM Card error message, follow these steps to get your phone running again: Turn your phone off. Remove the SIM Card. Make sure the SIM Card isn’t damaged or you’ll need a replacement. Insert the

How does Wi-Fi Auto Connect™ work?

Saving Data = Saving Money! Keep your Data for when you need it most with our Wi-Fi  Auto Connect™ feature. Hello Mobile automatically connects your phone to available FREE Wi-Fi at over 10 million locations nationwide. That means you’ll be saving

How do I perform a Master Reset or Factory Reset for my locked or frozen phone?

If your cell phone is locked or frozen, a Master Reset (a.k.a. Factory Reset or Hard Reset) will probably unlock or unfreeze it. Performing a Master Reset will result in the loss of all Data and information previously stored on your phone

How do I set up my voicemail?

To set up your voicemail you’ll need to complete the following steps: Turn on your Hello Mobile phone Press and hold 1 on the keypad Listen for the instructions to set up your voicemail Please note: When you reset your voicemail, you

What phones may be compatible with Bring Your Own Phone?

Many different factors determine whether a phone is compatible with the Hello Mobile Network, but the quickest way to find out is by checking your phone’s IMEI/MEID Number. Head to our Bring Your Own Phone page to check your phone’s