Having issues with your iPhone?

Get your calls, MMS messages, and Visual Voicemail working flawlessly. Here’s how! You may just have to update your iOS and carrier settings. This will improve your connection to our network and your phone’s performance. Let’s start by updating your

How do I find my SIM Card number?

Finding your SIM Card number depends on your phone. See below for detailed instructions by brand. Find My SIM Card Number on an iPhone: Go to Settings > General> About. Then scroll down and locate the ICCID (SIM Card) number. Find My SIM Card Number

What do I do if I have a SIM card error message?

If your phone displays a SIM Card error message, follow these steps to get your phone running again: Turn your phone off. Remove the SIM Card. Make sure the SIM Card isn’t damaged or you’ll need a replacement. Insert the

How do I install a Hello Mobile SIM card?

If your phone’s SIM card is not compatible with our network, or if you do not have a SIM card kit, we are happy to send you one for FREE. The SIM Card Kit you will receive should include your Hello