What do I do if I have a SIM card error message?

If your phone displays a SIM Card error message, follow these steps to get your phone running again: Turn your phone off. Remove the SIM Card. Make sure the SIM Card isn’t damaged or you’ll need a replacement. Insert the

How does Wi-Fi Auto Connect™ work?

Saving Data = Saving Money! Keep your Data for when you need it most with our Wi-Fi  Auto Connect™ feature. Hello Mobile automatically connects your phone to available FREE Wi-Fi at over 10 million locations nationwide. That means you’ll be saving

Why do I have a weak signal on my phone?

We’re sorry to hear you are experiencing weak signal strength. Many different factors can affect this: You may be outside our network’s coverage area You may be roaming Your current location may have weaker than average signal strength Weather, terrain,

How do I perform a Master Reset or Factory Reset for my locked or frozen phone?

If your cell phone is locked or frozen, a Master Reset (a.k.a. Factory Reset or Hard Reset) will probably unlock or unfreeze it. Performing a Master Reset will result in the loss of all Data and information previously stored on your phone

How do I set up my voicemail?

To set up your voicemail you’ll need to complete the following steps: Turn on your Hello Mobile phone Press and hold 1 on the keypad Listen for the instructions to set up your voicemail Please note: When you reset your voicemail, you