When can I start making calls and texts?

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Your service with Hello Mobile starts the moment you activate your first line!

As every scenario is different, here’s a quick guide to help you get started.

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1. Order a phone from Hello Mobile?

If you purchased a phone from us, enjoy your service as soon as it arrives. Follow these instructions to Activate Your Hello Mobile Phone.

2. Bring Your Own Phone and Your Own SIM?

If you brought your own phone and a compatible SIM Card, activate your phone right away! Follow our guide to activate your phone here.

3. Need a FREE Hello Mobile SIM Card Kit?

Activating your phone with our Free SIM Card Kit is so quick & easy! Check out these steps to activate your phone with a Hello Mobile SIM Card.

Click here for more shipping time information. Contact us if you need immediate assistance.

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When can I start making calls and texts?

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