How do I transfer my number to Hello Mobile?

Whether you brought your own phone or purchased a new one,  if you’ve got a phone number you’re itching to bring to Hello Mobile, this simple guide is your ticket to a happy transfer!


1. Rules for Bringing Your Own Number


For the smoothest transfer possible, please follow these rules:

  • Keep your number active on your current network. Do NOT contact your current provider and deactivate your account before or during the number transfer. If you do, your number will NOT be eligible.
  • Do NOT have an active transfer request with your current provider. If you do, you will need to call them to cancel it.

We also recommend you wait until you receive your SIM card or phone before attempting to transfer your number. This will ensure that you can still use your phone during the transfer process.


2. Information You’ll Need


Here’s what you’ll need from your current provider before you can transfer your number:

  • Phone number to transfer
  • Account Number
  • Zip Code
  • Account Password/PIN


For information on finding your account details, check out our guide on how to transfer your number from each carrier, OR contact your current carrier for more specific instructions to expedite the transfer process.


3. How to Start the Number Transfer


Head to the Bring Your Own Number page and enter your number to check its eligibility.

If your number is eligible, you can create a new Hello Mobile account or log in to an existing account.


Once you’ve logged into your Hello Mobile account, make your way to the Line Setup page and find the Line you’d like to transfer your number to. Then click the “Set Up Line” button.

You’ll be prompted to enter your phone number to check if it’s eligible to transfer.

If your number is a match, complete the form with your Account Information. Double-check the information to make sure it’s accurate, then click the “Transfer My Number” button to bring your number to Hello Mobile.


The transfer process can take anywhere from a few minutes to four hours, so hang tight! Gotta give your number time to settle in. We’ll send you an email confirmation when your number transfer completes.


4. What to do if there’s an error

The most common error you’ll run into is an incorrect PIN, Account number, or Zip code.


If this happens, we’ll send you an email letting you know where to go to fix the issue.


For help finding your correct PIN or Account Number, head here and follow the instructions based on your current carrier.


If you’re stuck or need help, contact our expert customer support team at 1 (888) 95-HELLO.